In the frontend my website sets a cookie wich i need during a controller action. When calling the controller action from my plugin this Cookie gets duplicated and the value is replaced with an identifier.

BEFORE CALLING CONTROLLER: enter image description here

DURING CONTROLLER ACTION: enter image description here

As seen in the screenshot above the original json value of the Cookie is replaces with an integer. I have tried different methods to get the cookie but no success.

Cookies::$plugin->cookies->get("downloads-1") \\Returns 1649671559
Craft::$app->request->cookies->get("downloads-1") \\Returns null
$_COOKIE["downloads-1"] \\Returns 1649671559

How can I get the original value of my cookie in my controller?

PHP version 7.4.16
Craft edition & version Craft Pro

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Craft uses Yii's cookie handling, which includes cookie validation, resulting in cookies being signed with a hash string. To retrieve a plaintext (unvalidated) cookie, use PHP's global variable $_COOKIE.

$value = $_COOKIE['downloads-1'] ?? null;

From your screenshot, it looks like something unrelated created a session cookie of the same name. Look at the path to start troubleshooting where it might have been set.

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