I’d like to prevent a feedme feed from running more than once when multiple requests are received within a few seconds of each other.

My first guess is that I would want to target an event such as ‘’’BeforeFetchFeed’’’ to determine when to prevent the feed from being parsed.

Another more lo-fi option may be to use the Guzzle option ‘’’Delay’’’ and setting the value to increase after each subsequent run. Would this be possible in the config options?

Any ideas?

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You can cancel a FeedMe job before it starts by invalidating the EVENT_BEFORE_PROCESS_FEED event in the Process class. In your case, it sounds like you want to check whether the Feed is already in the queue, so from within a module you could do something like this:

Event::on(Process::class, Process::EVENT_BEFORE_PROCESS_FEED, function(FeedProcessEvent $event)
    $existingJob = 0;
    foreach(array_column(Craft::$app->queue->jobInfo, 'description') as $index => $string) {
      if (strpos($string, $event->feed->name) !== FALSE) {
        if ($existingJob > 1) {
          $event->isValid = false;

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