having an issue with Solspace Freeform. I have a form with 2 file fields. The max file size has been increased to 20Mb, Nginx/PHP/Craft have all been increased to 20Mb too but yet when I try to upload a 10MB file, the error says the max file size is 2048Kb.

Not quite sure where that's coming from or more importantly why this is. Has anyone encountered this before?

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    Default max size for a Freeform upload field is const DEFAULT_MAX_FILESIZE_KB = 2048; Its expecting KB. What did you add to the Max file size in the freeform options for that field? Commented Apr 7, 2022 at 11:47

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turned out I'd forgotten I hardcoded the form validation options from the render tag and didn't update the validation 🙈

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