I'm working on a site on shared hosting and I can't run composer install from CLI to install the vendor folder because I get

The Process class relies on proc_open, which is not available on your PHP installation

and proc_open can't be enabled because it's a security risk.

I can upload the vendor folder from my local and everything works fine but when I go to apply YAML changes, I get:

Your project config YAML files are expecting different versions to be installed Try running composer install from your terminal to resolve.

With the vendor folder already in place, if I run composer install I get everything is up to date. I've tried running composer dump-autoload and then composer install and get the same thing.

So how can I get around this so that I can apply the latest project config changes?

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That error occurs when there is a discrepancy between the schema versions listed in your incoming project config YAML, and what’s actually installed.

If you have the site installed locally, try rebuilding the project config (UtilitiesProject ConfigRebuild), and then upload the new config/project/ folder to production.

  • That did it, thanks Brandon. 👍
    – Tyssen
    Apr 6 at 6:40

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