I'm pretty new to craft and I inherited a site that hosts a map from MapBox as a static html file in the /web folder, so something like /web/map/old-map/index.html. Hitting mysite.org/map/old-map directly returns the map, as expected.

So I figured that if I duplicated the old-map folder and renamed it new-map I would instantly see the old map in the new map directory at mysited.org/map/new-map. But instead I get:

81828384858687888990919293949596979899    {
        // Does that template exist?
        if (
                Craft::$app->getConfig()->getGeneral()->headlessMode &&
            ) ||
        ) {
            throw new NotFoundHttpException('Template not found: ' . $template);
        // Merge any additional route params
        $routeParams = Craft::$app->getUrlManager()->getRouteParams();
        unset($routeParams['template'], $routeParams['template']);
        $variables = array_merge($variables, $routeParams);
        return $this->renderTemplate($template, $variables);
 1. craft\controllers\TemplatesController::actionRender('map/new-map', [])

So I checked the Routes on the site to see if the previous dev had made a special route for old-map. Nope.

So I checked Retour to see if there were any relevant redirects there. Nope.

So I checked the .htaccess file to see if a special accommodation had been made for the original dev's map. As expected, nope. Just the regular Craft .htaccess file.

I also reset the cache which I didn't really expect to have a salutary effect and it didn't.

Then I ran out of ideas. Anyone else have one?

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The problem was specific to my local set up. The dockerfile for this project did not mount the entire /web/ folder, so the live application was ignoring local changes I made to it.

Solution: Change dockerfile to mount the whole web folder.

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