I need to save page views for some pages.

I ended up doing it with this code:

{% set pageviews = entry.pageviews %}
{% do entry.setFieldValue('pageviews', pageviews+1) %}
{% do craft.app.getElements().saveElement(entry) %}

It's working fine but it slows down significantly the page with an increase of around 100 database queries which I cannot explain.

Is there a more efficient way of doing this?

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It's natural that you're seeing a lot of extra queries; Craft does a ton of work when saving an entry (creating/pruning revisions, updating search indexes, propagating elements etc). You're probably also going to have your template caches invalidated on every pageload. In short, re-saving entries on every frontend request is a bad idea.

A much better approach is using Craft's seq() function:

{# Increment page views for the current entry, without outputting the current count #}
{% do seq('pageviews:' ~ entry.id) %}

{# Output page views for the current entry, without incrementing #}
{{ seq('pageviews:' ~ entry.id, next=false) }}

{# Increment _and_ output the current count #}
{{ seq('pageviews:' ~ entry.id) }}

The seq() function doesn't interface with custom fields, though. If you do need to have the page view count stored in a custom field for some reason, a possible workaround in terms of the performance issue is going through the Content service to save the updated custom field value instead of actually re-saving the entry using craft.app.getElements():

{% set pageviews = entry.pageviews %}
{% do entry.setFieldValue('pageviews', pageviews+1) %}
{% do craft.app.getContent().saveContent(entry) %}

The above is pretty hacky though, and not really a much better idea than actually re-saving the entry in full (although it does result in less queries being executed). It's definitely not an approach I would recommend.

Finally, there's also a few plugins available for storing view counts, for example this or this.

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    Great thank you so much! I did not know the seq() function, very useful.
    – Samuel
    Commented Mar 7, 2022 at 11:03

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