I am trying to get an entry type check on an array

    {% set landerArray = ['fundingLander','healthLander', 'projectLander', 'publicationLander'] %}
    {% set pageType = entry.type %}
    {% if pageType in landerArray %}
    <p> lander page</p>
    {% else %}
    <p>not lander</p>
    {% endif %}

If I use plain text

{% if 'fundingLander' in landerArray %}

It works, but if pass a variable in i get nothing. I'm guessing twig thinks that pageType is not a string?

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Your pageType variable isn’t a string, but an entry type model (i.e. an object). When treated as a string, Craft renders the entry type handle automatically as a convenience, but in other cases - like in comparisons such as this - you should use the handle attribute:

{% set pageType = entry.type.handle %}
  • AHA the convenience! cheers
    – joomkit
    Commented Mar 2, 2022 at 19:34

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