By default eager loading only returns live entries. Is it possible to grab expired only.

I've got this... But I only want expired relatedVenue:

{% set ideas = craft.entries().section('ideas').with(['stListicles', 'stListicles.relatedVenue']) %}


I've already tried this:

{% set ideas = craft.entries().section('ideas').status('live').with([
    ['stListicles.relatedVenue', { status: 'expired, disabled, pending' }]
]) %}

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Assuming this is an Entries field in a Matrix block, the syntax is:

{% set ideas = craft.entries()
        ['matrixField.blockType:entriesField', { status: ['not', 'live'] }]
    .all() %}

Change matrixField.blockType:entriesField to match your fields, of course :)

Documentation is here - https://craftcms.com/docs/3.x/dev/eager-loading-elements.html#eager-loading-elements-related-to-matrix-blocks


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