This is a weird one. I was editing an asset field on a Craft install that's been working fine for weeks. When I went to save the asset I got a little read snackbar message at the top of the Craft page saying "server error". Then all of the sudden the page reloads to /admin/install with the big red Install Craft button in the middle of the screen.

I cannot access any admin pages now - they all redirect to the install page. But the site's front-end is still working - Craft is still serving all my content just fine.

Craft is obviously still installed, but something has gone wrong to make it think it's not.

Where do I start to debug what happened here and how to get it back up and running?

Would it be dangerous to click that Install Craft button (would I lose any of my data or otherwise mess up the current install)?

Is there a config file I can update to fix this?

I'm running Craft according to the composer.json file.

  • After closing browser, clearing cache, and trying again, this appears to have corrected itself. I have access to Craft admin now. Any idea what would cause this so I know if it happens again? Feb 5, 2022 at 3:59


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