So many times im at odds with the layout of Craft Fields in the CMS, where from a usability and user interaction stand point I feel the layout can be way better and even mimic the front end result.

Long and short is, can I edit the layout of fields in the CMS.

The image below is a matrix, but only allows to select how much of an element is take un HORIZONNTALLY

enter image description here

The ideal here would also to have a vatical selection in the CMS:

enter image description here

I know thats a hell of alot to ask from the guys at Pixel and Tonic - so instead, im worndering if there is a way for me to acsess this myself, using some custom CMS rules for the CMS.

Pointing me in the right direction would be great :)

Thanks - W

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Check out this repository for an example of Matrix Façades which does exactly what you're looking for (article forthcoming)

  • Ah the man of the hour! I just watched you on Craft Quest covering this very topic, very cool, but was really confused where to mimic the functionality (have left a comment on the video) - Thanks for link the repository
    – Wally
    Jan 28 at 16:42

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