In twig, I can get the value this way, globalWebsite.freeTrialPeriodDays

I need to get this value in PHP, but cleary this won't work;

$trialDays = \Craft::$app->getGlobals()->getSetByHandle('freeTrialPeriodDays');

I know it's simple, can't get the right way.

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From your example, the Global handle is globalWebsite and the field handle is freeTrialPeriodDays.

So this should work in PHP:

$trialDays = \Craft::$app->getGlobals()->getSetByHandle('globalWebsite')->freeTrialPeriodDays;

You should probably do this in two steps so you can check that a Global has been returned before you try to query the field value on it:

$myGlobal = \Craft::$app->getGlobals()->getSetByHandle('globalWebsite');
if ($myGlobal) {
    $trialDays = $myGlobal->freeTrialPeriodDays;
} else {
    $trialDays = 'some default value';

This can be simplified using the null coalescing operator like this:

$trialDays = \Craft::$app->getGlobals()->getSetByHandle('globalWebsite')->freeTrialPeriodDays ?? 'some default value';
  • My first reflex would really be "Duh!" but instead I will simply say THANK YOU lol Yeah, I knew it was going to look simple. Thanks again. Jan 10 at 18:02

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