I am writing a data tables plugin and am currently working on the index page in the CP.

I've followed the instructions here:


{% extends '_layouts/elementindex' %}
{% set title = "DataTables"|t('app')  %}
{% set elementType = 'matfish\\DataTables\\elements\\DataTable' %}

{% block actionButton %}
 <div id="extra-headers">
    <div class="buttons right">
      <a href="{{ url('datatables/tables/new') }}" class="btn submit add icon">
       {{ "New DataTable"|t('datatables')}}
{% endblock %}

Page is rendered but the table area is empty: enter image description here

Table Attributes are defined on element class, and are displayed in dropdown:

 protected static function defineTableAttributes(): array
        return [
            'title' => \Craft::t('app', 'Title'),
            'elementType' => \Craft::t('datatables', 'Element Type'),
            'fields' => \Craft::t('datatables', 'Fields'),

enter image description here

When I compared to other index pages I noticed that the ajax calls that are used to get the data and render the table are not fired:


There are no JS errors in the console.

Edit 19-11-2022: Plugin ready at https://plugins.craftcms.com/tablecloth?craft4

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There is no sources at the left side of your element index picture.

i think you missed source definition at your element type class:

it can be something simple like:

protected static function defineSources(string $context = null): array
    return [
            'key' => '*',
            'label' => 'All Items',
            'criteria' => []

those requests are not fired because there is no criteria to pass via request without defining sources.

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    Thanks! One more thing I forgot was defining the query class on the find method. (craftcms.com/docs/3.x/extend/…). Without it Craft will just load all elements in the system.
    – Matanya
    Dec 3, 2021 at 6:41

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