Based on the docs https://craftcms.com/docs/3.x/graphql.html#the-entries-query enabledForSite can be used for entries. This works for me to get the enabled entries, however I get a deprecation error in Utilities > Deprecation Warnings:

The enabledForSite element query param has been deprecated. status() should be used instead.

But when using status: "live"

The query does not work and I get the following error back:

Unknown argument "status" on field "entries" of type "Query"

Which makes sense as I cannot find it in the docs. It seems to me like enabledForSite is what I am looking for and cannot understand why it is giving this warning.

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I found this info in a GitHub comment by Brandon Kelly: commented on 30 Jun 2020

The enabledForSite param is now deprecated and set to false by default (as in “don’t worry about it”).

It is now solely the status param’s responsibility to worry about elements’ site statuses.

  • enabled will give you elements that are enabled both globally and for the current site.
  • disabled will give you elements that are disabled either globally or for the current site (or both).


Use status: "enabled" instead of enabledForSite: true.

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