We have site that has a small custom plugin. One of the things this custom plugin does is run a small bit of JS that allows the 'Importable' plugin to work on table fields within a matrix.

The JS that does this requires a little bit of jquery, and after recent craft updates, it no longer works.

The site is now on 3.7.21, we just brought it up from 3.1. I believe this problem started happening around 3.4, but I'm not positive. I didn't see anything in any change notes that look like they would be the cause of this issue.

The error this causes, a 'jquery is undefined' error, breaks all script on the page, preventing any redactor or matrix fields from working.

Adding jquery to the asset bundle in the plugin breaks other plugins also using jquery, like Solspace calendar.

The JS in question is loaded via registerAssetBundle() and it looks to me like the problem is that it's loaded first in all of the js files, so before any of the jquery files are loaded. The Documentation for that class says it has a position parameter, but I'm not having any luck getting it working.

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