if i have a custom table (ct_table) and i have to use MySQLi commands on it using the PHP syntax, it won't work if i put the PHP snippets inside a twig file.

So are there any tools or official methods to convert PHP syntax DB-commands to TWIG syntax? or even let the Twig engine understand the PHP code?

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You can't put PHP code into Twig, and there's no straightforward way to write custom DB queries in Twig. That's by design – Twig is a templating language, not meant for custom queries or processing.

Instead, you should provide a service object with utitily methods that you can call from Twig. Depending on your use-case, you can accept parameters (for example, arguments to a query) to get the flexibility you need.

First, look at the link above to learn more about services. If you're building a plugin, your service class goes in there. If you're working on some site-specific functionality, you can put it in a module instead. Once you have defined your service class and added it as a component to your plugin or module, you need to make it available to Twig – see the documentation on Extending Twig. For a plugin, extending the CraftVariable would be the most common way to provide a custom service object to Twig. In a module, I'd use a Twig extension instead, though that's mostly preference.

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    Thank you @MoritzLost it's all clear now, thanks to you.
    – Ra3d K
    Commented Nov 2, 2021 at 9:50

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