When I go to Updates in my home Dashboard, I see there are "5 updates available!" I click "Go to Updates" and a big orange ribbon pops up that reads: Your license has expired! Renew your Craft CMS license for another year of amazing updates."
There is a red button just above the orange ribbon that says "Renew for $59.00".
I click that red button and am redirected to id.craftcms.com/licenses/cms/592364. A side bar appears as follows:

Craft CMS - this page has a chart to display license keys and associated domains, but the whole chart is blank
Plug ins - same as above
Claim License - this page gives me the option to Claim a Craft License using a Key, Claim a plug in license or Claim licenses by your email address. Every single field is blank. I have no idea where to find the information to fill this in.

Developer Support - no info
Billing - no info
Settings - my work email is here

Can someone please help me understand how to claim my license for renewal?

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Is it possible that the original licence was purchased with a different Pixel & Tonic ID?

You could try and claim the licence by pasting your existing licence key (which you'll find in /config/license.key in your Craft installation directory) into the "claim a licence using a key" field.

If you don't have any luck there, the P&T support team are great and I'm sure they'll be able to help you out ([email protected]). There's also a good bit of information about licence keys at craftcms.com

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