I have env variables setup for a SMTP connection. These setting work correctly locally, the same on a production server don't work.

After some troubleshooting, if I manually add the password via the Settings > Mail UI it works but the instant I go with the env variable $SMTP_PASS which has the same string, it won't send email.

Taking a look at the logs, it appears it is taking the literal string of the env variable.

    'craft\\mail\\transportadapters\\Smtp' => [
        'host' => '$SMTP_HOST_NAME'
        'port' => '$SMTP_PORT'
        'useAuthentication' => '1'
        'username' => '$SMTP_USER'
        'password' => '••••••••••'
        'encryptionMethod' => 'ssl'
        'timeout' => '10'

Anyone have any ideas why this would behave this way?

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