is it possible to remove ID in post URL :


I mean "2464942". Thanks everyone !

  • Can you explain what you try to do? Where does this URL come from?
    – Johannes
    Oct 15 at 6:26
  • This is a sample URL but my structure looks like this. I want to delete this ID at the end of URL to make it more SEO friendly @Johannes
    – Kamil
    Oct 19 at 12:12
  • And this is a single article link @Johannes
    – Kamil
    Oct 19 at 12:43
  • So you have a section of type structure? How does the entry URI format setting look like for that section?
    – Johannes
    Oct 19 at 13:03
  • Can you tell me where I can find URI format? Settings -> Routes ? @Johannes
    – Kamil
    Oct 19 at 13:17

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