Craft v3.5.7

First off, graphql is not being used on this site so I'm not sure why the schemas are being generated and causing errors. The graphql.yml file contents:

  enabled: false
  expiryDate: null

There are graphql schemas that get generated (I assume during a project-config/apply?) and during a deploy, the project-config/apply is failing due to an error:

Applying changes from your project config files ... error: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'Public Schema' for key 'gqlschemas_name_unq_idx'
The SQL being executed was: INSERT INTO `gqlschemas` (`uid`, `name`, `isPublic`, `scope`, `dateCreated`, `dateUpdated`) VALUES ('c8b6ee58-XXXXXX', 'Public Schema', 1, '[]', '2021-10-06 17:28:52', '2021-10-06 17:28:52')

I was able to delete the schema file locally and delete that record from the db and get project-config to apply w/o errors but after committing/merging to staging, the schema files are regenerated and it still throws this error (even after deleting the record from the db manually).

enter image description here

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GraphQL is enabled by default in Craft CMS. Have you tried adding 'enableGql' => false to your general.php config file? This should disable anything related to GQL, including the schemas. Then go to the Utilities -> Project Config and rebuild your config.

Ref: https://craftcms.com/docs/3.x/config/config-settings.html#enablegql

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