I'm coming from Wordpress and really enjoying craft. I wonder though if it is possible to create a contact form without any plugins? And if so, how easy/worthy of an effort is is? In WP I would create a form, with an action targeting a php file. This php file would do all the form processing, and output a confirmation message. The whole thing would involve 3 files at most (the form template file, the php form processing script, and some js file).

Thanks for your feedback.


The difference between a plugin and 3 files in WordPress is that a plugin encapsulates the behavior in a defined way. This is an improvement over just writing random PHP scripts, even if there is more formality to it.

You could do it via a custom module (which would be part of your site) with just one controller (analogous to your PHP file in WordPress). See the article Enhancing a Craft CMS 3 Website with a Custom Module

You could also use the pre-fab Contact Form plugin from Pixel & Tonic.

And finally, you could use GraphQL to do it without any plugins/module, or writing any custom PHP. See GraphQL for Contact Form Submissions

  • Amazing. Thank you for sharing all this resources.
    – mauricio
    Oct 4 at 1:03

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