So here is what I see in a controller:

 $event->rules['cpActionTrigger1'] = 'plugin/default/do-something';

What does the first part 'cpActionTrigger1' refer to and what does the second part refer to. I am guessing route and template but never see it spelled out in docs.

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This looks like it’d be in a closure registered on the UrlManager::EVENT_REGISTER_CP_URL_RULES event, like this:

    function (RegisterUrlRulesEvent $e) {
        $e->rules['my/route'] => 'module/controller/action';

The above explains it almost in context—when creating a route with a plain string, it's interpreted as:


The "Module ID" is either defined by the Plugin in question, or when you declare modules in app.php:


return [
    '*' => [
        // Lots of other irrelevant (but important) stuff redacted, here!
        'modules' => [
            'bizniz' => \modules\mymodule\BusinessStuff::class,

If you had a Controller in your Module (and have properly declared BusinessStuff::$controllerNamespace) that looked like this…


namespace modules\mymodule\controllers;

use craft\base\Controller;

class FinanceController extends Controller
    public function actionCountBeans()
        return $this->asJson(['profit' => (rand() / getrandmax()) * 1000000]);

…your "action path" would be bizniz/finance/count-beans. Yii takes care of mapping the path to your controller—and the UrlManager ensures the key you assign it to acts as an alias.

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