I'm embedding a specific "contact us" page from our marketing site into our web application using an iframe. Our marketing site is the primary domain, while the web application exists on a subdomain (but same top level domain).

When embedding the form page, the browsers refuses to render it because Craft automatically sets X-Frame-Options to sameorigin.

Browser message

Refused to display ... in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin'.

Attempted Fixes

I have tried updating our CSP in nginx to allow for the subdomain, however X-Frame-Options remains present so the browser never allows the embed.

add_header Content-Security_Policy "frame-ancestors 'self' *.oursite.com https://localhost:4200;";

I have tried:

  • Using proxy_hide_header 'X-Frame-Options'; in our config
  • Attempting to set {% header "X-Frame-Options: ''" %} in my index.twig

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And it was user rrror

It helps to spell "Content-Security-Policy" correctly.

However, if you still have issues with X-Frame-Options

We are using a docker image for craft which includes an nginx partial: craftcms/security.conf


Within that file is the X-Frame-Options header. The solution was to remove the reference to craft/security.conf and migrate its contents to our default.conf.

You can then remove the X-Frame-Options header and inserted your own CSP.

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