How to get handle of Field in getInputHtml() function. This is my function:

 public function getInputHtml($value, ElementInterface $element = null): string
        $id = \craft\helpers\Html::id($name);    
        $namespacedId = Craft::$app->view->namespaceInputId($id);                
        $data=Craft::$app->view->renderTemplate('craft-vimeo-handle/_fieldinput', [
            'name' => $name,
            'id' => $id,
            'namespacedId' => $namespacedId,
            'value' => $value,
        return $data;

You can use $this->handle to access the field handle. Make sure you're using the trait craft\base\FieldTrait which includes the handle property.

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    Thanks, it works.
    – Priya Goud
    Aug 26 at 6:50

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