I‘m a newbie and I’m learning to create simple portfolio-type sites using Craft CMS. I‘d like to remove the Plugin Store from the admin panel in the Production Environment because basically, I don't need to install plugins and the product environment plugin store is just read-only mode. I have checked the official documentation and the community without any information about it.


You can use an event hook for the event Cp::EVENT_REGISTER_CP_NAV_ITEMS to modify the Control Panel navigation – see Control Panel Sections in the documentation. To determine if the site is in devMode, you can use the config service. Here's a little module that removes the plugin store from the navigation elements unless the site is in dev mode:


namespace modules\Site;

use Craft;
use craft\events\RegisterCpNavItemsEvent;
use craft\web\twig\variables\Cp;
use yii\base\Event;

class SiteModule extends \yii\base\Module
    public function init()
            function(RegisterCpNavItemsEvent $event) {
                if (Craft::$app->config->general->devMode) return;
                $pluginStoreIndex = array_search(
                    array_column($event->navItems, 'url')
                if ($pluginStoreIndex === false) return;


To make this work, you need to put that code into a site module and add it to the bootstrap section in the app.php config. See How to Build a Module for details.

  • I have solved this problem with your guidance, thank you so much!
    – Colt
    Aug 24 at 9:05
  • @Colt Glad I could help! Would you mind marking my answer as accepted? Thanks!
    – MoritzLost
    Aug 24 at 12:21
  • Thank you again!
    – Colt
    Aug 24 at 15:29

You can also use the CP Nav plugin

  • Thank you very much!
    – Colt
    Aug 24 at 9:06

I must say that I don't understand the rationale behind hiding the Settings in production but not the Plugin Store.

The only action you can really do in production is upgrade to a Pro licence if you don't have one already, so this might be the reason but I think the link at the bottom of the page there if you need it.

For me the 'allowAdminChanges' => false should also hide the Plugin Store or another trigger like 'showPluginStore' should be added.

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