I've been able to get Craft to run on Google App Engine (GAE), but not Google Cloud as of yet.

The error message I'm seeing in the browser is:

/app/craftcms/storage/runtime isn't writable by PHP. Please fix that.

I encountered this error when deploying to GAE and the solution was to have the Dockerfile run a shell script that chmod 755 -R ./storage. This approach does not work for Cloud Run as I still see the same message in the browser despite running the same script.

I know that Cloud Run is stateless, but we don't need to run admin functions while it's deployed to Cloud Run, so I can't see this being an issue. Has anyone else successfully deployed to Cloud Run?


I haven't tried Cloud Run but whenever I've had this issue it was due to the folder not having permissions for the user/group that PHP runs as. Typically it's www-data:www-data. In other words you might need to use chown instead of chmod.

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