I'm working on a migration which includes importing some phone numbers that will be stored in a Phone Number field. Some of the phone numbers are malformed, so I'm trying to validate the phone number in my import script. But I can't figure out how to validate a single field. If I perform the full validation, I get the expected error:

$number = '123456789123456789123456789'; // some invalid phone number
$numberData = [
    'region' => 'DE',
    'number' => $number,
$element->setFieldValue('phone_number_field', $numberData);

// output: 
// (
//     [0] => The string supplied is too long to be a phone number.
// )

However, when I try to validate only the phone number field it's not reporting any errors:

// neither of those options produce any errors
// no errors

In this case, I'm not getting any errors. But the validation errors still appear when Elements::saveElement tries to save the element.

Is there something wrong with how I try to validate a single field? Is there another syntax to use for custom fields? I also tried setting the element's scenario to Element::SCENARIO_LIVE, but that doesn't change anything.

Looking forward to any insights. Thanks!

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