I'm trying to exclude an entry based on the state of a lightswitch field in the entry itself. If true, exclude the entry from the feed, if false include the entry.

  • Hi Alan. It would help us help you if you explained what you tried already.
    – nstCactus
    Jul 19, 2021 at 6:45

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For anyone else who happens to land on this trying to solve your similar challenge:

Super simple - the criteria can accept a custom field value, so in my case, the criteria became

'criteria' => [
    'section' => 'caseOfTheMonth',
    'type' => 'standard',
    'hideFromFeed' => false,

What was getting in the way, in my case, was that I was fighting the Element API response cache when I was trying all my options, so I completely missed the most simple solution. That's my takeaway - manage that cache when testing!

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