I'm currently working on Instagram login part of my project with Socializer plugin for Craft CMS. I went through docs and did everything that was described there. I have app on facebook for developers, set up all settings, Instagram Basic display, added Instagram tester, approved, etc. Generally, it makes all redirection, showing no errors but it is not working properly.

It redirects me to the right page after login, so I assume that it's working right. I have problems with User field Mapping with that plugin. In settings, it says "Socializer will populate email, firstName and lastName into the User model by default" but nothing happens, even for the users that are not registered in Craft CMS (In plugin general settings "Enable User Sign Up" is enabled - it allows user registration even if the email does not exist on craft CMS). I have created random plain fields and added them to the User fields and User Field Mapping part but still nothing happening.

The second problem I have is when I'm logged out (with cleared cache) from Craft CMS, I got an error when trying to log in where it says that E-mail needs to be provided for that account, so it's working only when I'm logged into CMS.

I just reached the wall, I assume it should be pretty easy to set up that Instagram login part but I don't know what I did wrong.

If someone can help me with that problem or maybe provide another solution, I would appreciate that. Thank you.

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