This is a MySql/Craft question. I recently had difficulty in gaining access to MySql Workbench (which I use to access the MySql database to which my CraftCMS app connects). After numerous attempts, including leaving the box blank, using 'root,' etc., I then reset the root pw to 'root.' I used this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD2c1GQSc-I

I could gain access, but it disabled my Craft connection. I didn't realize that Craft was using the root credentials to connect. Then, I set the root pw to the same one that my Craft is set up to use (the one in the db.php file); however, it still will not connect.
I haven't changed anything on the Craft side of things - just in MySql.
Here is the error message I get when I try to go to the admin section of my site:

 Craft can’t connect to the database with the credentials in craft/config/db.php

Could there be any Craft element preventing connection? (Perhaps Craft cached the original instance of the password, etc?) Or, is it something else in MySql that I need to do? Any help or leads here are much appreciated, if any of you have experienced something like this, as multiple searches in the MySql resulted in little. Thanks again.

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