I usually use Nitro and docker to run Craft.

Nitro created a Docker container with MySQL 5.7. How can I change that version to MySQL 8?

  • Do you want to add MySQL 8, so you're running both 5.7 and 8.0? Or do you want to replace MySQL 5.7 with MySQL 8.0?
    – Brad Bell
    Jun 25 at 3:19
  • Hi, I want to replace MySQL 5.7 with MySQL 8 in Nitro!
    – EdisonJS
    Jun 25 at 17:02
  • @BradBell, I'm looking to have 2 different versions for 2 different servers, what would be the method to add another MySQL server on another version? Oct 18 at 19:13

Should be:

  1. From the terminal run nitro stop.
  2. From Docker Desktop, click on Containers/Apps.
  3. Find the MySQL 5.7 container and click the trash icon to remove it.
  4. From the terminal, run nitro edit.
  5. Under databases, you should see something like:
engine: mysql
version: "5.7"
port: "3306"
  1. Change "5.7" to "8.0".
  2. Save the changes.
  3. From the terminal, run nitro apply.
  • Yeah, actually that worked for me, thank you!!! First I backed up my DB, and I did that you wrote and it works perfectly. I owe you one!!
    – EdisonJS
    Jun 28 at 15:45

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