I have the channel entry to which the matrix block belongs and I have the ID of the block itself. Does anybody know the correct approach for deleting the matrix block on the entry?

Context: module (PHP) not template.

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You can use the Elements service to delete any element, including matrix blocks:

use craft\elements\MatrixBlock;

/** @var craft\services\Elements $elementsService */
$elementsService = Craft::$app->getElements();

$myMatrixBlockId = 123;

// delete a matrix block directly
$matrixBlock = MatrixBlock::find()->id($myMatrixBlockId)->one();
$elementsService->deleteElement($matrixBlock, false);

// delete a matrix block by ID
$elementsService->deleteElementById($myMatrixBlockId, null, null, false);

The second argument to deleteElement (and the fourth argument to deleteElementById) controls if you want a hard delete (true) or a soft-delete (false). A hard delete removes the block from the database completely, while a soft delete keeps it in the database and only marks it as deleted, allowing it to be restored.

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    Heroic answer, thank you very much!
    – Jake
    Jun 18, 2021 at 15:43

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