I have an issue in the CraftCMS back office when I try to export all entries.

When I try to export all the entries in expanded mode

enter image description here

it takes ~1min but every minute the back office send another request bundle-office/actions/users/session-info,

enter image description here

when this second request is sent, the export request is timing out and return a 502 Bad Gateway.

enter image description here

Does anyone know how craft / nginx handle those requests and how could I fix this issue ?


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    What's the error log saying? 502 is usually a sign that FPM didn't return any data because of an error... you might be hitting PHP's max_execution_time, the default is 30 seconds. – RitterKnight Jun 15 at 18:01
  • I don't have logs access :/ In the request timings, the request stops at 2min In my php_info I have php max_execution_time set to 360s – Antoine Maillard Jun 16 at 15:20
  • memory_limit perhaps? – RitterKnight Jun 18 at 19:56

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