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We have a Stores structure section that contains fields (searchable) such as phone, address, etc. These Stores are assigned as Entries (searchable, max of 1) to Commerce products.

When searching for products with a keyword that matches a Store phone, address, etc, none of these products are returned.

The search query is basic and as follows:

{% set search_query = '9999' %}
{% set products_query = craft.products.type('products').search(search_query) %}

So e.g., if 9999 is the phone number of a Store and we have Products that are assigned that Store, the search results return nothing.

Has anyone ever had this issue? Is there a specific query that can solve this?

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In the case of relational fields, on the title of the related Assets/Categories/Entries is searchable.

As stated in the documentation:

For Matrix fields, the top-level Use this field’s values as search keywords setting determines whether any sub-fields will factor into results for the parent. For relational fields like Assets, Categories, and Entries, the setting determines whether related titles should factor into search results.

  • Thank you Oli. Just wondering whether the 'Use this field’s values as search keywords' setting will be taken for account for relational fields as well one of these days. I can see this as a really powerful feature as we can't jam every single keyword into the title in most cases.
    – biko
    Commented Jun 21, 2021 at 22:52

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