I try to use the Image Optimize plugin to optimize the image with default Craft Transform. There are lots of images to be optimized at the same time, I keep having the issue of server down. Here is the error message,

The process "'/usr/bin/php7.4' 'craft' 'queue/exec' '280426' '300' '1' '7380' '--color='" exceeded the timeout of 300 seconds.

enter image description here

I have installed the Async (Background) Queue, but doesn't seems to be helpful.

Is there any solution for this?

Craft: 3.6.13

Image Optimize: 1.6.33

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    Did you configure the plugin as per the documentation as well as setting 'runQueueAutomatically' => false in your config/general.php (docs)?
    – Oli
    Jun 1 at 7:22
  • The server is down even I add this line
    – Lee
    Jun 1 at 8:11
  • Do you have very large images, or not much CPU available? It sounds like its timing out the server, but 300 seconds is a very long time... I'm quite surprised any image transforms that need doing are not done in that timeframe. Can you give specs on your hosting? Jun 2 at 1:13
  • Yes, there are lots of images to be optimized, some folders have 50+ images, some have 500+ images. Currently, I'm optimizing per folder based, but the issue still there. Yes, it used 100% of the CPU usage. Is there any way to solve this besides increasing the CPU usage?
    – Lee
    Jun 2 at 1:57

Fixed this by adding

return [
    'modules' => [
        'my-module' => \modules\Module::class,
    'components' => [
        'queue' => [
            'ttr' => 3600,

to config/app.php.

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