I'm running CraftCMS via 3 Docker containers in 1 Docker network:

  • Container 1 - MySQL
  • Container 2 - Nginx
  • Container 3 - PHP:7.4-fpm

When I run php craft update craft from container 3 and choose to backup the db, I get this error:

Backup the database? (yes|no) [yes]:yes
Backing up the database ... error: The shell command "mysqldump --defaults-extra-file="/tmp/hvncbmcornry.cnf" --add-drop-table --comments --create-options --dump-date --no-autocommit --routines --default-character-set=utf8 --set-charset --triggers --no-tablespaces --single-transaction --no-data --result-file="/app/storage/backups/my-site--2021-05-26-052145--v3.6.15.sql" craftcms && mysqldump --defaults-extra-file="/tmp/hvncbmcornry.cnf" --add-drop-table --comments --create-options --dump-date --no-autocommit --routines --default-character-set=utf8 --set-charset --triggers --no-tablespaces --no-create-info --ignore-table=craftcms.assetindexdata --ignore-table=craftcms.assettransformindex --ignore-table=craftcms.sessions --ignore-table=craftcms.templatecaches --ignore-table=craftcms.templatecachequeries --ignore-table=craftcms.templatecacheelements --ignore-table=craftcms.cache --ignore-table=craftcms.templatecachecriteria craftcms >> "/app/storage/backups/my-site--2021-05-26-052145--v3.6.15.sql"" failed with exit code 127: sh: 1: mysqldump: not found

It looks like the mysqldump command doesn't exist in Container 3 as I don't get a result when running: which mysqldump. Running this which command from container 1 does however return: /usr/bin/mysqldump. But in this container, I don't have access to my project.


Sounds like your php-fpm container 3 needs to install the MySQL client tools in it, so that mysqldump is available in the container similar to https://github.com/craftcms/docker/blob/main/7.4/dev.Dockerfile#L18


I tried to install mysq-client but got this error: Package 'mysql-client' has no installation candidate After installing mariadb-client, everything worked as expected!

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