Tried doing an update to 3.6.x from 3.5.19 from the terminal and got this horrifying message: `` Performing one update:

- craft 3.5.19 => 3.6.15

Backup the database? (yes|no) [yes]:yes Backing up the database ... done Performing update with Composer ... Killed `` php version is 7.4.3

The Composer,json file was changed to require Craft 3.6.15, but looks like no other files were actually changed, there is nothing in the logs and, thankfully, the website is working fine.I have done similar updates on other sites without a problem. Any suggestions for how to troubleshoot this? "Killed" is not much of a starting point.


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The Composer "Killed" error messages usually means Composer ran out of memory.


Either your on a VM with limited resources or your php.ini file has a low memory_limit set.

Increasing the memory, in either case, should resolve it.

  • Thanks, Brad, will give that a shot!
    – Roi Agneta
    May 21, 2021 at 14:06

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