NB: this is not the same as Freeform Checkbox Group Field only returns one value, which was resolved by field name markup invoking an array: name="fieldname[]".

I'm already doing that. And stored Freeform form submissions are respecting multiple values.

My issue is that I am using Element Connections to map the form fields to other fields in the system which are assigned to user accounts.

The receiving fields are multiline Plain Text fields and they are only receiving a single value.

For example:

For a Freeform checkbox group…

<input name="group[0] type="checkbox" value="val1">
<input name="group[1] type="checkbox" value="val2">
<input name="group[2] type="checkbox" value="val3">

…that maps to user account field userData2.

When all three checkboxes are checked:

  • the Freeform group field stores a value of val1, val2, val3
  • but userData2 only receives val1.

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Currently, the Element Connections feature requires that a Freeform array field be mapped to a Craft field that also accepts an array (e.g. Freeform Checkbox Group to Craft Checkboxes).

I've made a note about this for us to revisit in the future though, and potentially add a transformer to handle this kind of mapping. :)

  • Thanks. Good to know. And now that I do I can manage the mapping in future with a more appropriate field. May 19, 2021 at 15:23

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