I got a problem with some smtp settings in my craft 3.5.14. The domain of my client uses special characters like (ö, ä, ü) and therefore for their email addresses. In this case my client only use the character "ö". When using those email addresses for authentication I always get an error when testing it in craft (settings/email). I can't find anything in the logs. Is it generally possible to send emails with special characters in their domain? Something to watch out for? I also tried to convert the email address into ace through an idn converter. No success. When using another provider on another domain without special characters the sending of emails works. Thx for you help!

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    What special characters are you having issues with? Apr 29 '21 at 14:15
  • Thank you for your question. I updated my question accordingly. :)
    – Sylar I-i
    Apr 30 '21 at 12:11
  • Is the special character to the left or right of the @? i.e. ö@site.com or me@söte.com?
    – Brad Bell
    Apr 30 '21 at 21:54
  • It is on the right side. Thx!
    – Sylar I-i
    May 5 '21 at 12:07

After endless try and error I finally got it work. I used the ACE version of the email address e.g.

client@clientwithö.de -> client@xn--clientwith-ncb.de

Although I tried this at the beginning it is working now and I do not know what changed the result. :)

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