I love the new Google Maps plugin, it seems really promising.

I am really struggling to manipuluate the map in JS in the new Google Maps plugin.

I have a dynamic map that filters fatal and serious injury crashes (by mode of transportation, outcome, and year) and adds KML layers.

I'm successfully loading the map in Twig — Now I am working through manipulating it in JS but can't seem to get past the first step.

Console: [GM] Unable to find map "mapAlpha"

  {% set fatalities = craft.entries.section('crashes').outcome('fatal').all() %}
  {% set injuries = craft.entries.section('crashes').outcome('injury').all() %}

  {% set options = {
    'id' : 'mapAlpha'
  } %}

  {% set map = googleMaps.map([], options)

  {% do map.markers(fatalities, {
    'icon': '/assets/images/ui/red-dot.png',
    'infoWindowTemplate' : '/modules/info-bubble.twig'
  }) %}
  {% do map.markers(injuries, {
    'icon': '/assets/images/ui/blue-dot.png',
    'infoWindowTemplate' : '/modules/info-bubble.twig'
  }) %}

  {{ map.tag() }}

  {% js %}
    var map = googleMaps.getMap('mapAlpha');
  {% endjs %}

At a glance, it sounds like it's just a matter of waiting for everything to finish loading. You are trying to call a map which has not yet been initialized.

Good news! The tag method includes a callback option which allows you to specify a JavaScript function to be called after the map has finished loading...

{{ map.tag({
    'callback': 'moreJavascript'
}) }}

{% js %}
    function moreJavascript() {
        var map = googleMaps.getMap('mapAlpha');
{% endjs %}

Take a look at this practical example of how someone could use the callback option to enable marker clustering... I know that you aren't trying to cluster your markers, but the broader execution is the same.

  • Pefect — I've successfully added a KML layer, is there an example of toggling a map layer on/off? – Charlie Triplett Apr 11 at 21:54
  • That's a separate question, but the answer might be no. I've added a feature request on GitHub, so feel free to follow along there for developing information. – Lindsey D Apr 12 at 22:30

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