I am importing Entries from Google Spreadsheets and I have a column in my spreadsheet containing the filename of an image already existing in Craft.

The import itself works, but images are not found / not selected in the asset field.

In the logs I can see that the image query is wrong, it looks like that:

Search for existing asset with query {"siteId":1,"status":null,"folderId":1,"kind":null,"limit":"9","filename":"test-container-3.png","includeSubfolders":true}

The filename is correct, however the folderId is wrong, it should be 2.

I tried working with plain filenames like "test-container-3.png", I also tried prepending an alias pointing to the correct folder (absolute URL) like "@importImages/test-container-3.png". Made no difference.

How does FeedMe decide to use folderId 1 in its query? How can I change this?

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So, I found the problem / solution myself:

  • I have 2 file volumes in my Craft installation (documents, images)
  • The asset field I am trying to fill via FeedMe is in its configuration limited to the "images" file volume, but the default location for uploads is (erroneously) configured in the documents share.
  • In this case, FeedMe is determining the folderId from the default location for uploads.
  • The same thing happens, if all volumes are configured for selection, so in my eyes this is a bug, which I filed here (https://github.com/craftcms/feed-me/issues/833)
  • So after changing the default upload location of my asset field to be where my files are actually located ("images" volume), everything works.
  • The column value needs to be the filename only, no alias or anything else prepended.

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