I have some weird behavior when I have an entry list field (in a super table, but I get the same behavior from the native entry list field type).

When I select an entry from a certain section, it will populate 2(!) entries in that list, which point to the same entry after save. It looks correct, after I selected the entry, but as soon as I save the entry which contain the list, it gets duplicated?

Before saving: enter image description here

After Save: enter image description here

It only affects a single, specific section, entries from any other section is fine.

Where to even start trouble-shooting?

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    Is the section you are choosing entries from (sidlista) a structure? If so, run ./craft utils/repair/section-structure sectionHandle replacing sectionHandle with the handle of the section you are choosing the entries from. – Oli Mar 30 at 13:32
  • @Oli Yes, it is a structure. I ran the suggested command but the same issue is sitll there. – jishi Mar 31 at 8:09
  • Can you write in to support@craftcms.com and send your composer.json, composer.lock and a database backup. We'll help you from there. – Oli Mar 31 at 8:29

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