Since updating Craft CMS to the latest version I noticed that our uploaded files get backed-up daily to temporary storage. Uploaded files live on DigitalOcean Spaces so we have no need to back up these files to the same server Craft CMS resides on.

  • Files are stored on the following path: storage/runtime/temp/tfxrsolmuf/images
  • This caused us to go over our allotted disk space and cause the server to go down
  • The backup is happening daily
  • Using Craft 3.6.10
  • We use the DigitalOcean spaces volume plugin

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • What types of files exist inside of those 10 random character folder names? Images? The only place I can see in Craft that writes a random folder to the storage/runtime/temp folder is when restoring a database backup. – Brad Bell Mar 30 at 21:57
  • Hi @BradBell - that is correct inside each folder is our assets. Images and file uploads etc... – Dan Lee Mar 31 at 7:13
  • 1
    @DanLee as an aside, I'd recommend running some sort of daily cron script which alerts you if disk is getting low... say 80% full so your server doesn't accidentally go down again. – RitterKnight Mar 31 at 17:27

We have isolated the issue to a crone job connected with the Remote Backup Plugin for Craft.

Commenting out the following stops the daily backup.

# /home/forge/www.example.com/craft remote-backup/volume/create
# /home/forge/www.example.com/craft remote-backup/volume/prune

I think there is an issue with trying to connect to the remote storage location.

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