I am using Freeform 3 to update existing entries with a file upload field. Everything works but I would like the path to the asset to include the current entry.id I am editing.


The docs hint that I can do something like this but I can't get it to work with the entry.id.

Upload Location Subfolder (optional) - the subfolder path that files should be uploaded to. May contain form.handle or form.id variables or something like currentUser.id for folders based on user ID's or "now"|date("Y/m") to dynamically generate folders based on dates as well.

currentUser.id works, form.handle and form.id work; but when I try entering any combination of entry.id, {{ entry.id }} { entry.id } it submits the file without error and folders are created but they are called "/entry.id" etc without using the actual entry.id number as desired.

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