I'm using Solspace Calendar,
When I create an event with it I use a related entry field called 'project'
to choose an entry from a section called projects
I can display the project title etc in the Calendar template,
however I want to display the projects event date when on the project page (reverse related)
I can't fathom how to construct a reverse related entry – being 'events' is neither an entry, user, asset etc as per this question: Related Entries I would like to understand if its even possible as for example - the plugin not being a section, this clearly won't work:

{% set relatedDates = craft.entries.section('events').relatedTo(entry) %} 

how would one grab the calendar event to begin with? Thanks

  • so basically the opposite of this (below) in that I have an entry field 'project' to use in the Calendar and can choose the project entry when I create an event, not choosing an event from a project like below: docs.solspace.com/craft/calendar/v2/overview/…
    – user2569
    Commented Mar 24, 2021 at 17:11

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after reading and re-reading the docs got this working:

{% set relatedDates = craft.calendar.events.relatedTo(entry).all() %}

{% for relatedEventEntry in relatedDates %}
 {{ relatedEventEntry.title }} - {{ relatedEventEntry.startDate.format("l, F j, Y \\a\\t g:ia") }}
      ({{ relatedEventEntry.duration.humanReadable }})
      in {{ relatedEventEntry.calendar.name }} calendar.
      {% if relatedEventEntry.repeating %}
        Repeats {{ relatedEventEntry.readableRepeatRule }}
      {% endif %}
{% endfor %}  

this is called from the projects/_entry template

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