Can anyone give me a bit more insight into why I'm getting a "Mailer Service" error when trying to send an Admin Notification with Freeform Pro? I get an error like this:

Unexpected end of template in "__string_template__aca8878083d6682fbce7766c168754a57b4bea4edfc409322a30b8425bbfa4e7" at line 3. {"template":"formSubmission","file":"/Users/ljk/Sites/mysite-craft3/vendor/twig/twig/src/TokenStream.php"} []

This makes me think there is an issue with the notification template - but I'm just using the pre-populated information that is given when I create a new notification. I've checked the file the error is pointing to, but nothing seems out of the ordinary (it's never been edited either). I've tried sending notifications with and without using form submission data. For what it's worth, I'm using SendGrid and the test emails send correctly. I also have confirmed that the submissions are valid and not spam.

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