I've been working on a client's website and have come across a puzzling issue; the form is set up to take several separate fields and combine it all into one field (eg. there's 3 separate fields for the Birthday, the day, month, and year. At submission these fields are all combined and put into one singular field to prevent clutter in the backend).

This works fine for some users but at random the fields that are filled via JS are empty (I know this because when I display the fields separately they all show the correct info while the JS filled field is empty). I am also unable to test this on my laptop as it doesn't ever happen on there.

I am also not able to show all the fields separately on the backend because some fields are shown via a for loop, so showing 10*4 different fields on the backend is not optimal.

The website is running on Craft and using the built in fields for forms (so there's no separate plugin for forms).

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