I just updated to Craft 3.6x, and I noticed that suddenly all my drafts are showing up by default. This confused users, as there were a bunch of them that people had abandoned. But I noticed that the search filter at the top does not apply to drafts. Is there somewhere to change the setting? And is there also a way to show LIVE entries only, by default?

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    Are you upgraded to 3.6.5? Craft changed this recently. – RitterKnight Feb 12 at 19:13
  • Yes, I'm on – 4midori Feb 13 at 3:37

As per 3.6.5, drafts meta data have become searchable (not custom field) and you can (re)index them by running:

php craft resave/entries --drafts --update-search-indexes

In terms of filtering, you need to manually selete Live to hide drafts from the listing.

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