I have a matrix field set up as global (strategies).

Inside each matrix block there is a SuperTable (pairs)

On each row in the SuperTable there is a lightswitch (active)

I need to toggle the lightswitch programatically for each row.

Looking at the SuperTable and Craft docs, I still can't make heads or tails of this. Can anyone help?


Ended up with a poor man's solution by going directly to the table and editing the column. Would still love to know how to do this "properly, though.

$disable = StcThreePairs::find()
    ->where(['elementId' => $pair->id])

$disable->field_active = 0;

So you'll want to update the Super Table Block's content and to do that when in a Matrix field is a little tricky, but it can be done.

$matrixBlocks = $entry->matrixField->all();

foreach ($matrixBlocks as $matrixBlock) {
    $superTableBlocks = $matrixBlock->superTableField->all();

    foreach ($superTableBlocks as $superTableBlock) {
        $superTableBlock->setFieldValues(['lightswitchField' => true]);


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