For my multi-lingual-Page (de + en) I've made a 404.html-File in my templates-Folder with a language-changer for html-content-output like

{% if craft.app.language == 'de-CH' %}<p>Hallo</p> {% else %} <p>Hello</p> {% endif %} 

When I open the 404-pages local (localhost/404 and localhost/en/404) it works. Also when I open them in live with direct url (www.example.ch/404 and www.example.ch/en/404) everything works fine.

But when I will open a wrong URL like "www.example.ch/tesxt" (correct URL: www.example.ch/test) I get a HTTP 404 – Not Found – yii\web\NotFoundHttpException Template not found: tesxt


  • I only have one index.php
  • I only have one 404.html
  • in general.php: 'devMode' => false,
  • the 404.html is directly in templates-Folder (src>templates>404.html)
  • installed Plugins: DigitalOcean Spaces Volume, Freeform, Redactor (I think these will not disturb the 404 page)
  • Craft Version: 3.5.17
  • PHP-Version: 7.3.17

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I don't know exactly why. But I did the Redactor updates in Craft, uploaded the new vendor folder to the hosting provider and now it works.

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