I am very new to Craft and how it works. I've got a client with a Craft site (v2.9.2), that I help them with. It was created by another developer.

I want to help them tidy up their Assets.

There are two folders (on S3) for their Assets. /Media and /Media/Files.

Scanning by eye, I can see /Media/Files appears to be a subset of what's in Media (meaning, they are duplicate files). Before we potentially delete the /Media/Files folder, I'd like to programatically confirm if any of them are being used. My suspicion is only files in /Media/ are used on the site.

Is there any easy way to see which assets are in use, and where they are used?

I found questions on StackExchange re how to see what media is not in use, such as this one. I also found a question on how to do something similar to what I need.

Although, to be honest, I had no idea where I'd utilise such code. I'm not going to get into creating a new plug-in.

For example, this was shared in the answer to that question:

{% set content = craft.entries.section('content').find() %}
{% set usedFotos = craft.assets.relatedTo(content).order('filename').find() %}

{# Loop throught the array of assets #}
{% for usedFoto in usedFotos %}

    <h2>{{ usedFoto.filename }}</h2>

        {# Loop throught entries related to this asset #}
        {% for entry in craft.entries.relatedTo(usedFoto).order('title') %}
            <li>{{ entry.title }}</li>
        {% endfor %}


{% endfor %}

Where would I utilise this code?


There's a plugin that you can use to find unused assets: Asset Usage

This gives you an extra column in the Assets listing to indicate if an asset is used or not. Unfortunately, the Craft 2 version doesn't have the console command to delete all unused assets that the Craft 3 version does, but this may help you anyway.

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